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Thought Leader Summit LogoEvent Spotlight – National Education Week's Thought Leader Summit

Organizing a gathering of the nation’s most influential educators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and thought leaders for a multi-day meeting is no small task. But The National Press Club helped make it easy for National Education Week’s Illeen Warner, who was able to utilize the NPC’s multiple rooms, flexible spaces and experienced staff to host a highly successful Thought Leadership Summit that exceeded expectations.

Thought Leader SummitWhat were the main objectives of your event?

National Education Week's Thought Leader Summit is an annual event with the mission is to bring together accomplished leaders in government, education and business to convene, challenge and collaborate on ways to improve the U.S. educational system. Our parent organization, National Education Initiative, hosts year round events that give our members the opportunity to continue the conversations and learn from each other. By continuously collaborating, we feel we can make more of an impact.

Thought Leader SummitWhy did you choose The National Press Club to host your event?

The branding of the National Press Club was great for us. Here we are talking about education, and bringing a variety of different players to the stage—and the venue has a level of prestige and a great history. Of course, I also liked that everything was in one place, the audio-visual production, and the food and beverage was great. Here we are talking about education, and what better place is there to be speaking about this important issue than the National Press Club. And of course, we loved working with our event manager Patty Powers, who always takes care of us in a most professional way.

Thought Leader SummitHow did the NPC help you accomplish your objectives?

This was the first year we've ever done this event at the National Press Club, When it came down to the agenda, we had almost the entire Club for our event, which allowed us to be creative with the space we had and provided some flexibility as well.

Thought Leader SummitWould you recommend the NPC to others hosting similar events, and why?

When you're planning an event, of course everyone has high goals. But at the National Press Club, the service was great, the packaging was great; overall the experience was wonderful and the attendees had a fantastic experience as well. I would certainly recommend the National Press Club as a great venue in Washington.

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