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Smart, critical coverage of the media should be entered in National Press Club contest

The National Press Club is looking for the best critical coverage of the news business, which is increasingly important to the health of the industry.

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Crimes against Americans abroad: Who’s being held accountable? Special NPC program April 2

When Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian was released from Iran after 544 days imprisoned there, U.S. Diplomat Brett McGurk was in Geneva to meet his plane.

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NPC in History: The Club that saved the world?

It’s a tale of intrigue that took place in plain sight at the National Press Club bar, even as it remained hidden from common knowledge for decades as the participants kept their mouths shut – or didn’t even know what they had done.

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From the President's Desk

Donnelly Praises Government Auditors, the "Unsung Heroes of Transparency"

When I became president of the National Press Club in January, I said I wanted our club members to become vocal advocates for open access to government information. Ensuring that our government continues to operate in the open, and allows reporters and the public access to government information is essential, both to our work as journalist and to our democracy.

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