National Press Club

Where Were You When Kennedy Was Shot?

November 4, 2013

About This Video

Run time: 105 minutes

Four journalists who went on to prominent careers share their experiences in Dallas on Nov. 22 1963 when Lee Harvey Oswald's shots changed their lives -- and the life of the nation -- forever.

CBS News Senior Correspondent Bob Schieffer was a cub reporter on the Fort Worth Star Telegram when he answered a phone call from Lee Harvey Oswald's mother, asking for a ride to Dallas to see her son.

PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer covered the arrival of Air Force One for the Dallas Times Herald before being plunged into the day's events that took him to Parkland Hospital and the Dallas police headquarters.

Retired Hearst columnist Marianne Means was the only female reporter in the motorcade when the shots rang out.

Sid Davis, a radio correspondent for Westinghouse, recalls counting those shots as they were fired and ended the day as the radio pool reporter witnessing Lyndon Johnson being sworn in aboard Air Force One on the way back to Washington. Davis went on to be a vice president and Washington bureau chief for NBC News.

The event was moderated by its chairman, Gil Klein, a former Club president and journalism professor at American University's Washington Semester Program.