National Press Club

The Kalb Report - A Conversation with Cokie Roberts

April 1, 2019

About This Video

Run time: 81 minutes

Having spent more than 40 years in broadcast journalism, having grown up in a family dedicated to public service, and having been named a “living legend” by the Library of Congress, Cokie Roberts is uniquely qualified to provide context and perspective on today’s hyper-partisan politics, the current media landscape, and their combined impact on the state of our democracy.

On April 1, 2019, Roberts, who has been a mainstay of NPR since 1978 and ABC News since 1988, joined moderator Marvin Kalb at the National Press Club as part of the 25th anniversary season of the multi-award winning Kalb Report public broadcasting series.

The Kalb Report series is underwritten by a grant from Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.