National Press Club

Supreme Court Nominations and Confirmations

September 6, 2005

About This Video

Run time: 58 minutes

Robert Bork spoke about the United States Supreme Court and the confirmation process. He said the court has made itself the most important and powerful branch of government in determining how the culture of the country develops. He talked about the politicization of the court, the confirmation process, and the court's influence in a culture war against the general public. Judge Bork also explained the judicial philosophies of originalism and judicial activism. He responded to questions and comments submitted by members of the audience about topics including the late Chief Justice Rehnquist and the role of the Chief Justice. Judge Bork, the retired judge who was once nominated to serve on the United States Supreme Court, was the author of A Country I Do Not Recognize: The Legal Assault on American Values, published by the Hoover Institution Press.