National Press Club

Newsmaker: Reforming Health Care

September 3, 2008

Newsmaker: Revolutionizing Health Care

September 5, 10 a.m., Zenger Room

Hundreds of thousands of health care professionals are qualified to care for more than 80 percent of patients who are not in critical condition -- but these professionals are unable to help on a scale that would mark true reform. Why? Because our system relies on high-cost doctors as gatekeepers, underutilizing lower cost professionals, such as advanced nurses, PAs, pharmacists, midwives and other qualified care givers.

Panelists include:

Grace-Marie Turner, CEO Galen Institute -- founder of a public policy research organization promoting informed debate over free-market ideas of health reform.

Melinna Giannini, Founder & CEO, ABC Coding Solutions -- founder of a coding system and billing platform that helps connect health care professionals with the electronic insurance infrastructure,

Phil Davis, Manager, Committees on Publication for The First Church of Christ, Scientist -- advocate for prayer-based health care,

Christine Filipovich, Executive Director, National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

They will discuss ways of reforming this complicated system.