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New muffins, pastries at Members' self-serve breakfast

March 9, 2010

New bite-sized breakfast choices for Club members

New bite-sized breakfast choices for Club members

Photo/Image: Sam Hurd

Club members who stop by the Reliable Source for breakfast are now offered freshly baked pastries and bite-sized muffins in addition to the fruit, bagels and other goodies on the continental breakfast buffet.

Executive Chef Susan Delbert reports that "replacing the iced Danish of old, the Press Club is now baking pastries every morning so they are served out-of-the-oven warm to members or Press Club guests who arrive early.

"Even if not warm, the new pastries are smaller, flakier and trans fat free - all positive changes and responses to many requests from members for healthier breakfast choices," she said.

Lou Priebe, chairman of the House Committee, noted that the self-serve breakfast buffet is free for Club members and provides a pleasant way to read the morning papers or to conduct a business meeting. Breakfast is available from 7:30 to 10 a.m.

Priebe said Club members are required to sign in at the maitre'd stand.

“If you have a guest, be sure to indicate the number, and the attendant will bring a coffee service and water to your table,” he said. The fee for guests is $7 plus tax and tip.

The new pastries include pastries with three fillings, cinnamon rolls, bear claws and pain du chocolat. The size of the pastry pockets has been reduced from those about the size of an index card to a smaller version about two bites big.

The muffins have also been updated.

"A smaller muffin and tiny bite-size mini-muffins replace the gargantuan muffins of old," Delbert said. "The flavor choices include oatmeal bran, chocolate chip, carrot, blueberry, banana nut, pumpkin spice and lowifat cranberry. We have also added corn muffins. One reason for the down-scaling of the muffins was an observation that the large muffins were seldom eaten by members or guests."

The members' breakfast buffet will continue to offer fresh fruit, juice, coffee, tea, bagels, cream cheese, breakfast breads and donuts in addition to the pastries and muffins.

Delbert said that in response to member requests, plain bread is available for toast; simply ask the morning attendant.

Priebe said the breakfast buffet is a great benefit of Club membership, but that doesn’t mean people are welcome to fill their mugs, grab a muffin and take their breakfast to their offices.

"This is perhaps an appropriate opportunity to remind members that items are not to be taken out of the Reliable Source from the breakfast bar,” he said. “If you want to take breakfast items from the Reliable Source, the attendant is able to add a charge for these items to the member’s check.”

Delbert, who was hired as executive chef four months ago, thanked Club members for their ideas.

“Your input has been invaluable,” she said. “I cannot promise to act on all suggestions, but I value and welcome all dialogue about the food offered in all venues at the Club, from the Reliable Source to the Fourth Estate, and items offered for banquet events. I am very happy to be here."

To contact the chef, email