National Press Club

National Press Club Statement on Jason Rezaian Being Held 444 Days By Iran

October 9, 2015

The following statement was issued by John Hughes, President of the National Press Club, on the 444th day Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian has been held in an Iranian prison:

"Once again we call on the government of Iran to release Jason Rezaian. Today marks a particularly dark day in this terrible episode. Jason has now been imprisoned the same awful length of time Americans were held during the Iran hostage crisis from 1979 to 1981. One day of unjust imprisonment would have been too many, but 444 days of this treatment is cruel to the extent that it is obscene. The religious leaders of Iran should allow an innocent man to join his family. The government of Iran can take an important step toward improving its standing in the eyes of the world by releasing Jason today. We urge them to do so."