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A Few Days Left for a 2009 Tax Deduction

December 28, 2009

Donations to charitable organizations made through Thrusday, Dec. 31, are eligible to be claimed on your 2009 tax filings. As you make final decisions on your year-end giving, please consider the Library.

Over the past year, you have seen all of the great activities that take place at the Club, but none is more central to its continued existence than the classes and training and panels conducted by our 501-c3, the Eric Friedhiem National Journalism Library.

Without these activities, the Club could not fulfill its mission as the world's leading professional organization for journalists.

Thanks to those of you who have contributed so generously as we ask for your financial support. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to give, now's the time.

Please send a check to the EFNJL today so you can get a tax deduction in April. Or use the link at the bottom to donate by credit card. (Or call and we will take your information.)

There are nearly 4,000 of you reading this today. If each one of you sent the Library a check for $10, that would be $40,000 for 2010.

Most of you give a little to good causes. We know you think ensuring the quality of future journalism is a good cause. Here is how you can help today.

We need the help, or we would not ask. The NPC contributes a portion of your dues for the operation of the Library, but that does not cover all the operating costs. As a separate, non-profit entity, the Library must raise contributions from donors and patrons.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for helping. Best wishes for a productive, happy and healthy new year.

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