National Press Club

6 Seats Open for Amish Trip Sept. 20

September 8, 2008

The day trip to Amish Country in Lancaster, Pa., on Saturday, Sept. 20, has proved popular. There are still six seats left, so please make your reservations by the end of this week. And feel free to bring along friends and guests.

Send reservations to Pat Nelson at or 662-7501 by Friday, Sept. 12.

The trip, organized by the International Correspondents Committee, costs $80 and includes the bus fare, an Amish luncheon buffet featuring traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dishes, a visit the Mennonite Center for a presentation on Mennonite and Amish cultures and guided visits to several other attractions.

Departure from the National Press Building is 8:15 a.m. with an early evening return. The bus company also is arranging a stop north of Baltimore for non-resident members. When making your reservations, please specify whether you will join the trip at the NPC or at a proposed stop north of Baltimore.

If anyone has any questions, contact Myron Belkind at