National Press Club

36 Accepted for NPC Membership

March 26, 2009

On the recommendation of Membership Secretary Mark Hamrick, the Board of Governors accepted the applications of 36 members at the Monday night board meeting.

Please say hello to these new members:

Active Alf Ole Ask – Aftenposten, Correspondent; Roman A. Holton - Ascension Media Group, LLC, President, CEO; Zoltan Mikes - World Business, Press Online News, Sr. Editor; Diana Schwaeble - American Metal Market, Washington Correspondent

Active Reinstatement Sharafat Hussain – DCTV, Producer

Active Non-Resident Erickson Samuel Blakney – Freelance, Journalist; Kayleigh Kulp - Southern Maryland Newspapers/The Maryland Independent, Regional Business Reporter; Julia Myers-Bartley - Freelance, KSNT - 27 News, MSNBC, Former Reporter, Booking Producer; Nancy Ramsey - Sports Illustrated, Freelance; Christina M. Wong - CBC Radio, Independent Producer of Radio Documentaries

Active Under 35 Robert Iafolla - Los Angeles Daily Journal, Staff Writer; Jennifer Liberto - CNN Money, Sr. Writer of Financial News

Active Under 30 Dagmar Benesova - World Business Press Online News, Editor, Reporter; Melisa Cabo - Telam S.E., Correspondent; Caroline Laurin - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Associate Producer; Reuben Miller - Deal Reporter of Financial Times, Regulatory & Legislative Correspondent

Affiliate Joseph A. Fredericks - U.S. Agency for International Development, Director, Public Information; Lee Jackson - Defense Transportation Journal, Writer; Jacqui Porth - U.S. State Department,, Writer/Editor

Affiliate Under 35 Douglas James Lundgren - Senior Executives Association, Editor, Writer - ACTION Newsletter; Eric Mittenthol - International Food Information Council, Director, Media Relations; Fiona Shanks – USAID, Head of Information Support/ Public Information Officer

Associate Jessica R. Herrera-Flannigan - Monument Policy Group, Partner; Perry Pidgeon Hooks - Hooks Book Events, President, Co-owner; Lloyd V. Seested, III - Citigroup - Smith Barney, Consultant; Bruce Sorensen - W Washington DC, Director of Sales & Marketing; Jake Stafford - Meridian International Center, Director of Communications & External Affairs

Associate Under 35 Caitlin Williams - HMC Architects, P.R. Consultant

Student Steven Patrick Ercolani - Rutgers University, Student; Shakirah Hill - Georgetown University, Student; Mu Li - University of Missouri School of Journalism, Student; Gregory Perreault - Georgetown University Washington Journalism Center, Student

Hamrick reported that Club membershp is at 3,652 (compared to 3,661 this time last year).