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School Choice -- What Works?

School Choice -- What Works?

August 23, 2012 10:00 AM

Location: First Amendment Lounge

School Choice –What Works? What Doesn’t? What will they say
about it on the campaign trail and is it true?

Washington, DC – Charter schools, vouchers, online education, homeschooling, do these school choice options and others work? Are students learning? How do children in these education programs compare to their peers in traditional public schools? Do choice options save money or drain public school dollars? What’s the truth in what political candidates and school leaders claim? National Press Club Newsmaker news conference, 10:00 a.m., Thursday, August 23, 2012, First Amendment Lounge.
Panel to Include:
• Dr. Kevin Welner of the University of Colorado and Dir. of the Natl. Education Policy Center
• Dr. Gary Miron of Western Michigan University
• Alex Medler, Vice Pres., Policy and Advocacy for the Natl. Association of Charter School Authorizers
• Mary Filardo, Exec. Dir., District of Columbia’s 21st Century School Fund
• Adam Schaeffer: Policy Analyst, Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute
• Moderated by Jamila Bey

Drs. Kevin Welner and Gary Miron are two contributors to a new book, Exploring the School Choice Universe: Evidence and Recommendations, being released this week. The book raises many critical questions about the performance of choice programs.

Jamie Horwitz, NPC Newsmakers Committee

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