National Press Club

"The Revolutionary" Screening

"The Revolutionary" Screening

September 25, 2013 6:30 PM

Location: Conference Rooms

The National Press Club will be screening "The Revolutionary" in the Conference Rooms on September 25 starting at 6:30 p.m.

During China's Cultural Revolution, one of the most destructive and least understood political upheavals of the 20th-century, Chairman Mao's call to "make revolution" was answered by tens of millions of Chinese and one American. The Revolutionary is a feature-length documentary film about the Maoist Era and Sidney Rittenberg, an American who played an unprecedented role for a foreigner in Chinese politics. In those catastrophic times, Mao's last stand to hold on to power and to his political legacy, Rittenberg's personal relationship with China's leaders brought him both prominence and a long stay in Beijing's Prison Number One. It should be noted that this film cannot be shown publicly in China today, a reflection of what one contemporary Chinese writer has called "China's historical amnesia". These events of the Maoist Era, to which Rittenberg bears witness, have been all but removed from the PRC's official history.

Irv Drasnin, the co-producer, writer and interviewer for The Revolutionary, will attend to introduce the film and for the Q and A that follows. His experience in broadcast journalism, in documentary films and in China covers some forty years at CBS News and PBS. Among his documentaries are Misunderstanding China, Looking for Mao, and China After Tiananmen. His numerous documentary film awards include the DuPont-Columbia and those of the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild. He holds a MA in Chinese Studies from Harvard.

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Admission to the screening is $5 for NPC members, $10 for general admission.

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