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"The Hamilton Cookbook" Dinner at The Fourth Estate Restaurant

"The Hamilton Cookbook" Dinner at The Fourth Estate Restaurant

February 21, 2018 6:30 PM

Location: 4th Estate Restaurant


The Hamilton CookbookA historic dinner based on what Alexander Hamilton would have served at a dinner party brought to life by Laura Kumin who is a writer, teacher, and cooking coach. As a recovering lawyer, she infinitely prefers feeding family and friends to fighting legal battles. She created Mother Would Know to encourage readers to become confident home cooks. Laura is not embarrassed at the number of spatulas, graters, and cookbooks that she owns, or that she buys chocolate in 1-pound bars.

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Each ticket includes a signed copy of the cookbook; "couples discount" ticket holders will receive one book to share.

Please address questions or any dietary restrictions to the Fourth Estate, 202.662.7638.


Bite size savory filled puffed pastry
Corned beef sliders with pickled red cabbage and Swiss
Bite size English Rabbit on toast
Bell fritters with peppers, zucchini and carrots
Accompanied by Strawberry Vodka Spritzer

Soup course
Hamilton’s childhood West Indies Pepperpot
Accompanied by Hard Cider

Salad course
Salmagundi, chicken layered chopped salad
Accompanied by Hamilton’s “still champagne”

Locally made sorbet

Stew course
Lamb stew with chestnuts; plus: cauliflower, potatoes and peas
Accompanied by Jefferson’s red burgundy

Hamilton’s favorite Vanilla ice cream in cream puff
Accompanied by Sauvignon Blanc-based Lemon Syllabub

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