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A partnership between The National Press Club and Howard University Hospital goes right to the heart of the problem providing stressed and fatigued front line medical workers with convenient access to fresh, nutritious meals at their time of greatest need. We need your support.

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November 19, 2020

Report for America Helps Local Newsrooms Fill Gaps

Broadcast Podcast team member Bill Loveless talks to Steve Waldman, the president and co-founder of Report for America, a nonprofit program that puts journalists into local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues and communities.

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Help the Heroes

Bringing aid where it is needed most

Looking for a way to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic? Join the National Press Club’s Help The Heroes program today and let front-line healthcare workers know you’ve got their back!

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The National Press Club is following the city’s phased reopening guidelines. In Phase 2 (current status) the Reliable Source restaurant is open at 50 percent capacity and the club is limited in the number of guests we can accommodate in order to remain 6 feet apart.

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National Press Club Members have long known that their private label brand wine produced exclusively for them in Napa Valley is a great value and a very good wine experience. Now that same wine is for the first time available to members and NPC clients in limited quantities for home use.


The National Press Club Journalism Institute is serving the community with coronavirus support through a new weekday newsletter, reported stories, a leadership column, a daily writing group, self-care tips, online programming, a virtual library, and more.

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