In today’s changing media environment, more information is conveyed over the internet than any other medium. Our webcast service allows for a totally interactive experience bringing a panel, meeting, or press conference to you global audience live. This service can expand your message beyond the walls of the event room and engage a broader audience to enhance your event reach. Our service also offers six months of hosting and statistics to provide you with information on who is watching, allowing for you to engage those interested in your message. Here are the items standard with every webcast :

  • Professional camera operator trained to capture your event properly

  • Customized streaming page, including an area for downloadable files (press kits, speaker bios, etc.)

  • Customized Vanity URL to keep your event branding consistent

  • 6 months on demand hosting to allow users to access the event beyond the event date

  • Web video file in Flash, Windows Media, or QuickTime to post on your website or popular sharing sites

  • History record options: DVD, DVCAM, or BetacamSP so that your content can be modified or edited to adhere to your needs

Some of the additional options include:

  • User Registration – allowing you to capture contact information for all users who access the stream building your database with qualified news outlets and persons of interest.

  • Incorporate PowerPoint – this feature provides real-time slides along with the video stream

  • Ask a Question – having a broad range of Q&A is the hallmark of any event and this feature gives the global audience a voice.

  • User Polling – ask questions after the stream to gain vital feedback and market research for your issue.

We provide these services not just at the National Press Club, but at your office, on the road, or at another event venue. This service allows you to bring the level of National Press Club service and amenities to wherever your event is being held.