It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play

The National Press Club closed 2020 by presenting a 'radio play' version of the classic story "It's a Wonderful Life" on New Year's Eve.

The cast of the one hour radio play included former Club presidents Mark Hamrick, Angela Greiling Keane, Jeff Ballou and Gil Klein, along with Board of Governors members Debra Silimeo, Danny Selnick and Mark Schoeff, Jr. Professional broadcasters and Club members Dan Raviv, Barbara Porter, Sam Litzinger, Irv Chapman and Ken Mellgren are also in the cast, along with members Marc Wojno, Maureen Beasley, Mike Hempen, Adam Konowe, Jan Zastrow and Viola Gienger. In total, 19 Club members covered 43 roles in the 62-page script.

The program was directed by longtime broadcaster Marty Bufalini, who adapted the film script for radio. It was produced by the Club's Senior Video Editor and theater veteran D. Scott Graham. The executive producer was Club President Mike Freedman who conceived and coordinated the project.