National Press Club

Club member's play staged at Kennedy Center

September 3, 2019

National Press Club member Anthony Gallo’s two-act play, "The Eaton Woman” was staged at the Kennedy Center's Page-to-Stage Festival, marking his 14th consecutive yearly performance at the festival.

The Eaton Woman, largely based on newspaper accounts of that period, is all about morals, adultery, lies, deception, women’s roles in Washington society, the quasi-downfall of President Andrew Jackson's administration, and the most beautiful woman in Washington history.

The play was part of Gallo’s Journalistic Trilogy. “Vandergrift,” performed at the Club in 2007, was about Ida Tarbell and the Industrial Revolution. Madame Caillaux explores the assassination of Le Figaro newspaper publisher by the former prime minister’s wife in 1914 and will premiere in October.