Fourth Estate Award - Past Recipients

The Club confers the annual Fourth Estate Award on the person who, in the judgment of the NPC Board of Governors, has achieved distinction for a lifetime of contributions to American journalism. Recommendations are made by a distinguished committee representing all branches of news media. The award is presented at a festive dinner attended by more than 300 NPC members, guests and media luminaries. The event is a fundraiser for the Club’s 501 (c) (3) National Press Club Journalism Institute which provides training for news professionals, research for journalists and other media professionals, and journalism scholarships.

Past Fourth Estate Award Winners

Year Winner Organization
2021 Lester Holt NBC News
2020 Susan Zirinsky CBS News
2019 Amanda Bennett Voice of America
2018 Martin Baron & Dean Baquet The Washington Post and The New York Times
2017 Tony Kornheiser & Michael Wilbon ESPN
2016 Wolf Blitzer CNN
2015 Gwen Ifill PBS Newshour
2013 Andrea Mitchell NBC News
2012 Bob Woodward The Washington Post
2011 Jim Lehrer PBS Newshour
2010 Bob Schieffer CBS News
2009 Thomas Friedman The New York Times
2008 Christiane Amanpour CNN
2007 Paul E. Steiger The Wall Street Journal
2006 Marvin Kalb The Joan Shorenstein Center for Press and Public Policy, Harvard University
2005 Austin Kiplinger Kiplinger Washington Editors
2004 William J. Raspberry Washington Post Writers Group
2003 Tom Brokaw NBC Nightly News
2002 Brian Lamb C-SPAN
2001 Robert D. Novak Syndicated Columnist
2000 Jack W. Germond The Baltimore Sun
1999 Carl T. Rowan Syndicated Columnist
1998 Mary McGrory The Washington Post
1997 James M. Perry The Wall Street Journal
1996 Charles R. McDowell The Richmond Times-Dispatch
1995 Shirley Povich The Washington Post
1994 Charles Kuralt CBS News
1993 Eugene Roberts The Philadelphia Inquirer
1992 George Tames The New York Times
1991 Peter Arnett Cable News Network
1990 Mike Royko Chicago Tribune
1989 Russell Baker The New York Times
1988 David S. Broder The Washington Post
1987 David Brinkley ABC News
1986 Art Buchwald Syndicated Columnist
1985 Flora Lewis The New York Times
1984 Helen Thomas United Press International
1983 Eric Sevareid CBS News
1982 Simeon S. Booker Johnson Publishing Company Inc.
1981 Nick B. Williams Los Angeles Times
1980 Theodore H. White Author
1979 Clayton Kirkpatrick Chicago Tribune
1978 Vermont Royster The Wall Street Journal
1977 Herbert Block The Washington Post
1976 John S. Knight Knight-Ridder Newspapers
1975 Richard Strout The Christian Science Monitor and New Republic
1974 James Reston The New York Times
1973 Walter Cronkite CBS News