I am not a press club member. Can I use your services?
Yes! Our services are available to both members and non-members.

Can you videotape our event at the Press Club?
We can provide video crews to tape in a variety of deliverable formats: DVCam, Beta SP, DVD, and web video file.

Can you provide a video crew somewhere else (locally, nationally, globally)?
Yes! We are equipped to take our show "on the road" for all of your production needs.

How can my press conference reach a news outlet?
We have a permanent fiber connection to the following broadcast networks and facilities: CNN, CBS, FOX, NBC, C-SPAN, Bloomberg, Reuters, Alhurra, XM, J.W. Marriott. These networks contact our operations team when they want to receive a feed from any event at the National Press Club.

What kind of back drops and sets do you have for the studio?
Our basic set/back drop options include book shelves, fiberglass panels, coffee tables, arm chairs, desks, and chroma key. We can also create a customized set or backdrop for any studio production.

I am not familiar with video formats; how do I know which format I need?
Each format has a purpose and benefit. Here is a quick guide to know what will suit your needs best:

  • DVCam — This is broadcast quality digital video and is used in any studio or production facility as an acceptable format. DVcam players are not common for public use but highly utilized in any professional video setting. It is a good option to use for a high quality archive of your event. It is also a good format if footage from your event will be used in a news package or documentary.

  • BetacamSP — This is a broadcast quality tape that is generally only used in news environments. Many news outlets have not converted their facilities to digital or HD capability, therefore, would require material to be put onto Beta SP.

  • DVD — This is not broadcast quality (though close) and is used as a highly accessible format. Since most of the public has access to DVD players, this is a good format for widespread viewing capability. It is also convenient for mass production and quick dubbing (the previous two formats can only be dubbed in real time).

  • Web Video File — This is not broadcast quality and is used for website posting. These files can be easily transferred, duplicated, manipulated and compressed. Currently we can create .wmv, .mov, .mp4, .flv. Within these formats, we can customize the specific window size, kbps, fps, etc. as you see fit for your website or for posting to video sharing sites (such as Youtube).

Can you do a production in HD?
Yes! Please contact us for further details about our HD services.

What is included with my Live Webcast Package?

  • 1-Camera production with patch back to the Broadcast Operations Center at the National Press Club

  • Streaming page with customizable branding and area for user downloadable files (press kit, speaker bios, etc.)

  • Vanity URL

  • 6 months on demand viewing

  • Archived web video file

What are the benefits of doing a Multi-camera shoot?
For event video production, the more cameras, the greater the production quality. You can capture reactions and questions from the audience, quickly and cleanly transition between speakers on your panel, and capture more footage to create a piece in post production editing for television or the web. Let our experienced staff discuss options that will fit best for your communications goals and within your budget.

What are transmission services?
Transmission services are how audio and video are sent to and from a destination for a particular audience. Transmission of audio and video signals are primarily carried via fiber optic cables, satellite, or over the web or internet protocol (IP). Each transmission medium (Fiber, Satellite, IP) is largely determined by where you are sending the audio and video to or receiving it from. Our staff has the experienced to solve the transmission needs based on your event goals.