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Lightening the money

Lightening the money

November 3, 2017 9:30 AM

Location: Bloomberg Room

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Part 3 of the series "It's Never Too Early to Follow the Money"

Nov. 3 - Lightening the money

U.S. companies are facing heightened pressure to play the political money game – and heightened risk if they do. The Center for Political Accountability, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization started by former reporter Bruce Freed, has been working for years to urge the corporations — some of the biggest spenders in congressional and legislative races — to reduce that risk by disclosing their political spending even when they are not legally required to do so. And he’s had some success. Join Freed and his staff for a look at this year’s CPA-Zicklin Index and a new database, These are tools that can help reporters track and understand otherwise opaque corporate political spending.

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