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I Can't Believe It's On Twitter: Getting ROI From Social Media

I Can't Believe It's On Twitter: Getting ROI From Social Media

April 20, 2011 8:00 AM

Location: Zenger Room

The National Press Club, Zenger Room
April 20, 2011
8 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Presentation
$25 for Members
$45 for Non-Members
Presented by:
Thomas Sanchez, Managing Director & Founder
Anthony Shop, Director of Client Services
Social Driver

If you work in the communications profession, your clients are probably asking you how to leverage the Web and social networking to achieve their goals. As you try to help them navigate this emerging space, you may also find yourself thinking or saying some of the following - real quotes from communications professionals:

"I don't get Twitter. Why do people need to know when I'm at the grocery store?"
"Facebook is fine if you want to see pictures of your high school friends. But I don't have time to keep up with it."
"Social media is all the rage. But I have no way to tell if it generates a return on investment for us."

If you find yourself flummoxed by Facebook or terrified by Twitter, Thomas Sanchez and Anthony Shop of the award-winning digital strategy firm Social Driver can help.

They will explain how in less than a decade, the two traditional ways to reach an audience - paid media and earned media - have been supplanted by a third emerging category - owned media. By understanding how this shift has changed how political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and corporations must develop and deploy their communication strategies, your organization will be on the right track to aligning its strategy with its vision.

They will also introduce The Social Driver Canvas™, a framework that breaks a communication strategy into four key areas - talking, listening, engaging and sharing. Your organization can use this tool to plot its current efforts, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your approach, and identify where to invest in the future.

Finally, you will hear real stories of organizations that have turned the corner from simply talking to themselves through social media to reaching hundreds of thousands of new constituents through a well-designed digital strategy.

Social Driver is an award-winning digital strategy firm. We help our clients "get with the future" by designing and deploying strategies of tomorrow. We replace online brochures with websites and web applications that spur action. We amplify the impacts of live events through digital partnerships and social technology. And we align an organization's vision, strategy and tactics through executive-level workshops and trainings.

Thomas Sanchez, Managing Director, Founded Social Driver in 2009 and has grown the company to an award-winning digital strategy firm whose clients include leading corporations and national nonprofit organizations. A software engineer turned business consultant, he understands how to apply technology to bridge the divide that often separates an organization's vision and strategy. Prior to founding Social Driver, Thomas was a recognized leader in the healthcare informatics field, spearheading ambitious initiatives globally, for which he was featured in the book, The Workplace in 2020.

Anthony Shop, Director of Client Services, specializes in helping clients develop engagement strategies that leverage digital assets to increase brand equity and produce a return on investment. A former press secretary for a closely-watched Congressional campaign and principal of the consulting practice Liftoff Solutions, he has managed communications campaigns stretching from America's Heartland to Abu Dhabi.

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