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Broadcast Legends: Marvin Kalb

Broadcast Legends: Marvin Kalb

September 16, 2014 6:00 PM

Location: 4th Estate Winners' Room

This event is open only to members of The National Press Club & their guests.

Former CBS News Correspondent Marvin Kalb, host of the long-running "The Kalb Report" produced in conjunction with the National Press Club will be the first guest as the Club's Broadcast Committee launches a series of "Broadcast Legends" dinners on Tuesday Sept. 16.

The event, strictly limited to 35 people, will be held in the Winners Room, an intimate setting within the Fourth Estate Restaurant on the 13th floor of the Club. The price of the dinner is $50.

Although we expect a wide ranging discussion, we anticipate the talk to focus on Kalb's expertise on Russia and the Ukraine which will be displayed in an upcoming book. The book will focus on the importance of history, especially in understanding the current crisis with Ukraine and Russia. Kalb says, "Truth is, no matter what deals are struck between Obama and Putin, the key will remain what modus vivendi Ukraine can strike with Russia. Without it, no deal involving the West will work. With it, one is possible, when one considers the close, almost intimate, relationship Ukraine and Russia have always had.

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