National Press Club

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Capturing high quality video of your event for use on television or on the web is easy and cost-effective at the National Press Club. Our experienced staff at the Broadcast Operations Center can provide you a crew to help you grab some B-roll or plan a multi-camera production. We handle events like this everyday so the crew will be on time, will know how to work in the space and will produce a high-quality professional product.

Having us shoot video will increase the audience for your message beyond the room and will extend the life of your event as well. You can use the video to share the event content with your entire organization, peer organizations or, though the web or television to huge global audiences. Start with having us produce a simple web file that you can use to get the video on your own website. From there you can go on to YouTube and other video sharing sites. The video our crew shoots can be used to update your b-roll which can be provide to television stations when they interview your spokespersons or leaders.

We provide these services not just at the National Press Club but at your office, on the road or at another event venue. Our rates are very reasonable and allowing you to obtain real value from your well planned event.