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Top researchers to call on FDA to expedite immunotherapy cancer treatment, Nov. 1

Dr. Gary Gilliland, president of Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Dr. David Maloney, an immunotherapy researcher and physician, will announce at a Nov.

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PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel to discuss election, support for Trump, Oct. 31

Billionaire venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel has rocked Silicon Valley with his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

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Want to win a Pulitzer? Blau, Hoffman, Allam offer an insider's look, Nov. 16

Three top journalists will offer an insider's look at how to compete for the Pulitzer Prize at a Nov. 16 panel discussion hosted by the National Press Club Professional Development Committee.

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From the President's Desk

Introducing the John Cosgrove Members' Lounge

John Cosgrove is an institution at the National Press Club.

Serving as president in 1961, and as an active member since 1949, most -- if not all -- of our Press Club family know and admire Mr. Cosgrove.

Cosgrove often speaks of how President John F. Kennedy came to his Press Club inaugural, where Cosgrove was sworn into office by Chief Justice Earl Warren. When you inevitably note how amazing it was that President Kennedy came to his swearing in, Cosgrove is known to deadpan: “Well, I went to his.”

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