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North Korean defectors to tell their stories at April 27 Newsmaker

A delegation of North Korean defectors will begin the 12th Annual North Korea Freedom Week with a Newsmaker event on Monday, April 27, at 9 a.m. in the Murrow Room.

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Freelancers tell tales of high danger and low pay at Club conference

Freelancers and groups supporting them told a Club audience Thursday of the dangers and lack of preparation in their international reporting, often at low pay.

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Video games are learning tools, according to a Club Newsmaker event

Highly sophisticated video games based on educational research, closely tied to curriculum and supported by federal funding are significantly changing the way millions of students learn, according to education experts who addressed a Club Newsmake

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From the President's Desk

How is the Club Thriving in 2015? Let Us Count -- the Five -- Ways

I am a quarter of the way through my National Press Club presidency. How am I doing so far?

More importantly, how is the Club doing?

I suggest there are five ways to answer the question.

But first, some background.

Before the year began, I set some objectives derived from the Club's five-year strategic plan. I shared these at my inaugural in January -- we will boost press-freedom efforts, bring new media voices into the Club and renew ourselves in all we do.

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