National Press Club

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Coffee, Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee, Selection of Herbal Teas, Iced Tea
$55 per gallon of each (each gallon serves 30 persons)

Coffee, Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee, Selection of Herbal Teas
$28 per pot of each

Assorted Juices

Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Carrot, or Tomato
$20 per liter of each (each liter serves 6 persons)

Other Drinks

Regular and Diet Sodas
$3.50 per bottle

Mineral or Flat Waters and Natural Bottled Juices
$4 per bottle


Assorted International Cheese Display with European Biscuits
$9 per person

Vegetable Crudite Display
$6 per person

Sliced Fruit Display
$7 per person

Assorted Gourmet Cookies and/or Brownies
Giant Cookies include Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and Macadamia White Chocolate Chip. Brownies may include Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Walnut, and Butterscotch Blondes.
$36 per dozen

Miniature French Pastries
Selection of bite-size novelties, including Mini Eclairs, Fruit Tarts, Napoleons, Pistachio Tortes, Raspberry Bavarians, Cream Puff Swans, and Citron Tarts
$4 per piece

Frosted Cupcake Display
Assortment may include: Chocolate, Vanilla, Yellow Cake, Red Velvet, Black Forrest, Coconut, Raspberry Chocolate, Lemon, German Chocolate, and Ginger Cinnamon. All cupcakes topped with homemade icing.
$60 per dozen

Afternoon Tea
A repast to satisfy the House of Windsor: Selection of Black and Herbal Teas, Fresh Brewed Coffee, bite-size Sandwich Assortment (Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Scallion Cream Cheese, Watercress and Chive Farm Butter, thin-sliced Ham and Goat Cheese, Tarragon Shrimp Salad, or Prosciutto and Dill Havarti) in addition to Tea Breads, Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and a selection of miniature French Pastries.
$18 per person (20 person minimum)

Healthy Snack Basket
Healthy Treats such as Fruit Squares, Whole Grain Wafers, Clif Bars, Luna Bars, Balance Bars, Kashi Bars, a selection of Dried Fruit (Cranberry, Apricots, Apples) and Trail Mix.
$8 per person (20 person minimum)

Miniature Sandwich Basket
Deli Meat Sandwiches such as Ham & Gouda, Corned Beef & Swiss, Turkey & Cheddar, Pastrami, Roast Beef and Havarti, and Roasted Vegetable. All Sandwiches come with Lettuce, Tomato on either Mini-Sourdough Rolls, Mini-Croissants, or Sun-Dried Tomato Wraps.
$48 per dozen

(Prices are subject to 20% Service Charge plus 10% D.C. Tax)
Prices are subject to change.