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It seems like a new Web-based communications technology is introduced every day. As more and more people embrace these creative methods of sending and consuming information, PR professionals are challenged to stay up to date with the latest trends and tactics to help clients reach their target audiences. The emergence of social media, in particular, has forced PR pros to get out of their comfort zone and expand their skills to remain competitive.

To help PR professionals learn new cutting-edge techniques and strategies to survive and succeed in this constantly changing environment, the National Press Club and Adfero Group are co-sponsoring a series of half-day conferences and classroom-style training seminars.

Topics will include how social media has changed the way reporters, sources and communication professionals effectively work together and how to use new, inexpensive tactics to get the word out.

From public awareness to issue advocacy, this continuing education series is a must for the PR professional who not only wants to stay up to speed but get ahead.

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Use Drupal Like a Pro – Tips and tactics for communication and government relations professionals who manage a Drupal website
July 20, 2012
9am - 10:30am

Is your organization using Drupal to its full potential? Are you being asked to be your own IT department? This session provides tricks and tactics for taking your skills with Washington’s leading content management system to the next level – tailored especially for those who are not professional website developers.

Give Your Campaign an Edge with Online Research
September 21, 2012
9am - 11am

Give Your Campaign an Edge with Online Research – How research data can invigorate your communications effort. Testing your campaign messaging or collecting data to support your cause costs much less than you think. In this panel discussion, experts weigh in on how conducting research using online tools is an investment that can maximize your campaign’s potential.

Master Blogger Relations
October 12, 2012
9am - 10:30am

This session will help pros and newcomers alike learn how to approach media relations in a digital world. Learn about the best tools to help you navigate the blogosphere, target the right bloggers, write relevant pitches, and craft the best message for an online audience.

Facebook Advertising 101 for Advocacy and Grassroots Campaigns
November 9, 2012
9am - 10:30am

Facebook advertising can help get generate buzz for your organization by reaching your target audience by interest and demographic. This session teach you how to use Facebook’s advertising products to align with your issue advocacy and public affairs objectives.

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How Pinterest Can Help Brand Your Cause
June 22, 2012
9am - 10:30am

How Pinterest Can Help Brand Your Cause – Be the first to apply emerging social media platforms to your grassroots or public awareness campaigns. Emerging social media platforms like Pinterest can help you reach your target demographic and connect with the lifestyle associated with your brand or organization. This session provides a primer on the ways you can use these new tools to share your organization’s core values, news, and story.

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Mastering Social Media: Three Successful Case Studies & Advice You Can Apply Today
Friday, May 20, 2011
8am - 1pm

Your organization has developed a presence on social media – now what? Master the art of taking these tools to the next level and see how successful organizations have done it.

How to Keep Your Issue Alive in the 2012 Elections
Friday, November 4, 2011
8am - 1pm

Afraid of your message getting lost in the excitement of the 2012 presidential elections? Learn strategies for leveraging the election to gain attention for your issues.


Blogging 101: How to Create the Right Type of Blog for Your Organization
Friday, April 29, 2011
9:30am - 11am

Blogging has come a long way from the days of the “Guys in Pajamas.” The blogosphere has evolved into a sophisticated environment comprised of various categories of blogs – from corporate blogs to expert source blogs. Even professional journalists are commonly bloggers today. How do you know what kind of blog is right for your organization, and what are the keys to successful blogging?

How to Use Video to Get Your Message Across: Thinking Strategically About Content
Friday, June 24, 2011
9:30am - 11am

As people watch less TV, they are watching more video on their computers, tablets or smartphones. That means your video needs to more compelling, creative and contagious than the competition. We’ll help you understand the anatomy of a great video – from concept to promotion – so that you can powerfully reach, teach and activate your target audiences.

Using Research to Guide Your Advocacy Strategy
Friday, September 16, 2011
9am - 10:30am

Can opinion research help unlock the key to winning your advocacy effort? From free survey platforms and social media polling to state-of-the-art message testing, discuss the research tools that you can apply to increase your campaign’s effectiveness. Join us as we explore how public affairs campaigns use research to find, reach, and win over their audience.

Leveraging Digital Advertising Effectively: From the Tried and True to the Next Big Trend
Friday, December 2, 2011
9:30am - 11am

What’s the best digital arsenal for your audience and budget? Should you be employing ad networks, mobile advertising, sponsored tweets, or iPad apps? We will share lessons learned from banner campaigns to social media campaigns – best practices that you can apply today. Then we’ll take a look at what’s next and how it impacts the communications campaign of tomorrow.