National Press Club

When Journalism Becomes the Story: How Does the Press Respond?

April 19, 2017

About This Video

Run time: 186 minutes

Introduction: Kathy Kiely, Press Freedom Fellow, National Press Club Journalism Institute

Panel I: When journalism becomes politicized: How is access being denied? Are reporters being threatened? What are beat reporters seeing-- or not seeing? What differs from past practice?

· Moderator: Barbara Cochran, president, NPC Journalism Institute board of directors
· Margaret Talev: Bloomberg and White House Correspondents Association incoming president
· Coral Davenport, New York Times
· George Condon, National Journal
· Caitlin Emma, POLITICO
· Travis Tritten, Washington Examiner and Military Reporters and Editors association VP
· Matt Lee, Associated Press and State Department Correspondents Association president

PANEL II: What journalists can do: How should we react when colleagues are excluded, sources refuse to identify themselves? Do boycotts or group actions make sense? How do we counter accusations and false charges against us, or fake news? We will share workarounds.

· Moderator: Sandy Johnson, president, National Press Foundation
· Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico
· Terry Murphy, C-SPAN
· Chris Isham, CBS bureau chief
· David Lauter, LA Times bureau chief
· Rachel Smolkin, CNN digital executive editor of Politics
· Mark Memmott, NPR standards editor