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The Kalb Report - A Conversation with Judy Woodruff

April 21, 2016

About This Video

Run time: 77 minutes

In a distinguished network television career that began with her coverage of Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign for NBC News, Judy Woodruff has remained at the pinnacle of broadcast journalism for 40 years. Having served as chief White House correspondent for NBC and PBS, the host of CNN’s Inside Politics, and now co-anchor and managing editor of PBS NewsHour, Woodruff has had a front row seat to world events, as well as some of the most notable campaigns, elections, and political scandals in American history.

On this edition of The Kalb Report, moderator Marvin Kalb and Judy Woodruff discuss an American presidential campaign that has defied conventional wisdom, coverage of today’s global news, world press freedom, women in journalism, and the challenges public television faces in a perceived partisan media landscape.