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How to Best Engage Readers Through Google News

September 19, 2011

About This Video

Run time: 70 minutes

Google's algorithms work to surface unique content that match searcher needs in both web search and Google News, but news-specific ranking takes into account additional facets such as spikes in interest, recency, and authority. Google faces additional hurdles in indexing news content. For instance, Google can't access content behind paywalls. What does that mean for syndicated and subscription content? Fortunately, Google has a number of options available for publishers, including source attribution tags, first-click free programs and more. Get the details on how Google News works and ranks content, how to best take advantage of the news programs Google offers, and get all of your questions answered directly from Google.

Speakers include David Smydra, Product Specialist for Google News and Vanessa Fox, founder and CEO of Nine By Blue and author of "Marketing in the Age of Google".