National Press Club

World Hunger

September 13, 2010

About This Video

Run time: 57 minutes

Anti-hunger and poverty advocate the Reverend David Beckmann talked about eliminating world hunger. Mr. Beckmann is an economist and ordained Lutheran minister, was named a World Food Prize laureate in June. The award, established in 1986 by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Norman Borlaug, is considered the Nobel Prize equivalent for food and agriculture. Beckmann has led Bread for the World since 1991, and is this year's co-winner with Jo Luck, founder of Heifer International, for their "landmark achievements in building two of the world's foremost grassroots organizations leading the charge to end hunger and poverty for millions of people around the world," the organization said. In honoring them, the World Food Prize "recognizes the critical efforts of NGOs in mobilizing and empowering everyday citizens to end hunger in communities around the world."