National Press Club

Women's Health

April 14, 2009

About This Video

Run time: 63 minutes

Fran Drescher talked about her career and her fight against cancer. The award-winning actress, a survivor of uterine cancer, is the president and founder of "The Cancer Schmancer Movement." She was instrumental in winning passage of the first Gynecological Cancer Education and Awareness Act and as the U.S. State Department Special Envoy for Women's Health she works to ensure that all women worldwide with cancer are diagnosed at stage one, when it is most curable. She responded to questions submitted by members of the audience. Fran Drescher is the author of Cancer Schmancer (Warner Books; May 1, 2002) and Enter Whining (Harpercollins; February 1996). This talk was title "The Best Gifts Come in the Ugliest Packages: My Journey from Cancer to U.S. Diplomat."