National Press Club

The Conviction of Richard Nixon

July 12, 2007

About This Video

Run time: 60 minutes

James Reston, Jr., talked about his book, The Conviction of Richard Nixon: The Untold Story of the Frost/Nixon Interviews, published by Harmony. In the book he recounts the televised interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon that took place in 1977, three years after President Nixon's resignation. Mr. Reston was David Frost's Watergate adviser for the interviews. Conducted over 12 days and including 28 hours of taped materials, the shows were watched by some 57 million people. The author contends that President Nixon believed that the interview would clear his name, however, Mr. Reston believes that former President Nixon convicted himself before the public in the interviews, during which he acknowledged the Watergate crimes and apologized. Video clips from the interviews were shown. Mr. Reston also talked about a play and a movie about the Frost/Nixon interviews. After his presentation he responded to audience members' questions.