National Press Club

Photograph of Vietnam War POW-MIA's

July 24, 1991

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Run time: 57 minutes

Members of the families of three Vietnam war soldiers named missing in action by the Pentagon held a news conference at the National Press Club to announce their support for S. 82, legislation which would create a Senate Select committee to oversee the investigations of POW-MIA claims from the Vietnam war by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The family members discussed the investigations conducted by the DIA into their POW-MIA claims and their own investigations into their relatives' whereabouts. In July 1991, a former POW from the Vietnam war made public a photograph of three men he claimed were U.S. servicemen from the Vietnam war who were being held as POW's in Vietnam. The dispute over whether the photograph is genuine has rekindled efforts to investigate the conduct of the Department of Defense in searching for POW-MIA's from the Vietnam war.