National Press Club

Hurricane Katrina

August 23, 2006

About This Video

Run time: 3581 minutes

Mercatus Center scholars talked about their research analyzing the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One year after the hurricane and the severe flooding from broken levees devastated New Orleans, they described serious homeland security shortcomings. They and others discussed the crucial lessons learned for preparedness and response and the implications for other communities. After their presentations they responded to audience members' questions. Dr. Peter Boettke was the project director for "Crisis, Preparedness, and Response in the Wake of Katrina." Dr. Russell Sobel is the author of, The Economics and Politics of FEMA - Why FEMA Failed after Hurricane Katrina. Professor Chamlee-Wright is the author of, After the Storm: Social Capital Regrouping in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina.