National Press Club

Healthy America

September 23, 2005

About This Video

Run time: 57 minutes

Governor Huckabee, who was introduced by Mr. Dunham, spoke at a National Press Club Newsmaker luncheon titled "Healthy America: Wellness Where We Work, Live, and Learn." He talked about how poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to the premature deaths of thousands of Americans each year. The governor discussed how the Southern style of frying all foods, including twinkies, had led to his being overweight. Governor Huckabee lost 110 pounds since 2003, when he was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. He said that the culture of Americans towards obesity had to change and likened this to the recent change in culture regarding smokers. Following his remarks, Governor Huckabee responded to questions and comments submitted by members of the audience. He talked about Hurricanes Rita and Katrina relief efforts as well as obesity in America.