National Press Club

Renewable Energy

August 23, 2005

About This Video

Run time: 75 minutes

The National Corn Growers Association held an energy forum in the National Press Club Ballroom on "Net Energy Balance of Ethanol and Implications of Future Renewable Energy Research." A panel moderated by Mr. Corzine spoke on "Renewable Energy: Dynamic Possibilities." After each presentation, the panelist answered questions from members of the audience. Mr. Morris discussed the benefits and efficiency of ethanol production. He also claimed biomass production would not take away from livestock feed. Mr. Jobe and Mr. Conway continued to defend the use of ethanol and claimed the data Professor David Pimentel presented during the earlier panel was outdated. Dr. Wang used charts and graphs to show the emissions, energy, and co-product benefits of using ethanol. Mr. Cassman targeted an ethanol production goal of optimizing corn yields and energy efficiency while protecting the environment. Mr. Lampert discussed the effects of ethanol on the automobile and fuel-pump industries. Mr. Huttner spoke about biotechnology and the use of enzymes in ethanol production. Mr. Smith called for an agricultural energy alliance to make the United States less reliant on foreign oil reserves. Mr. Fiedler continued on the environmental and economic benefits of non-fossil fuel use and Mr. Tolman followed him by wrapping up the program.