National Press Club

Ethanol and Energy Policy

August 23, 2005

About This Video

Run time: 59 minutes

The National Corn Growers Association held an energy forum in the National Press Club Ballroom on "Net Energy Balance of Ethanol and Implications of Future Renewable Energy Research." A panel moderated by Mr. Nalley spoke on "The Net Balance of Ethanol." Mr. Dale argued against the use of net energy as a policy guide since not all energy is equal. Mr. Patzek, using graphs, showed that the claimed increase in miles per gallon gained by using ethanol could be achieved with proper tire inflation. After Mr. Pimentel continued about the high input costs of producing ethanol and the marginal returns, Mr. Sheehan claimed the analyses of Patzek and Pimentel were erroneous. Following the presentation, the panelists addressed questions from members of the audience.