National Press Club

Weapons of Mass Destruction Nonproliferation

August 11, 2004

About This Video

Run time: 53 minutes

Senator Lugar discussed the threat of nuclear proliferation. He asserted that this threat has increased dramatically since the fall of the Soviet Union, and talked about the danger of such weapons technology falling into the hands of terrorist groups. He described efforts by the U.S. to limit the risks associated with nuclear stockpiles in the former Soviet Union. Senator Lugar also spoke about the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons. He spoke in detail about a program that he co-sponsored with Senator Nunn to assist former Soviet Republics in securing their nuclear materials, as well as the need for further funding. He also addressed the potential for other nations to develop nuclear weapons, including Iran. He identified twelve specific steps that, if taken, would dramatically reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation. Following his remarks, Senator Lugar responded to questions from the audience.