National Press Club

George McGovern's Views

May 23, 1991

About This Video

Run time: 59 minutes

George McGovern talked about the current state of American politics and the Democratic Party. In doing so, he announced he would not seek the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination, due to personal and political reasons. He stated he could best advance his political agenda without the distraction of personal ambition. Mr. McGovern called for a new agenda of issues to be addressed during the 1992 presidential elections besides the ACLU, Willie Horton, and the pledge of allegiance. He said U.S. economic policies should be reexamined in the face of reduced defense spending and the gaping federal deficit, to provide funds for social programs as well as productive foreign policies such as reconstruction of the economy of the Soviet Union. He said George Bush was preoccupied with foreign affairs, and criticized President Bush for representing fiscal irresponsibility and the wealthy of the U.S. He also responded to questions submitted by audience members.