National Press Club

Reports on African Famine

May 20, 1991

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Run time: 58 minutes

Experts on African development, recently returned from tours of the famine ravaged countries Ethiopia, the Sudan and Somalia, reported on conditions in Africa at a news conference sponsored by the relief organization Bread for the World. They discussed the threat of starvation affecting millions in the horn of Africa, and recommended policies and methods to relieve the famine. The famine in Africa is causing thousands of deaths per day due to starvation, and with farmers selling their tools and people eating the seeds for the next crop, the end is not in sight. The famine is also causing the breakdown of the economies and infrastructures of the affected countries. Mr. Reeves advocated immediate U.S. aid to the starving nations to relieve the imminent threat of starvation and also to help build stronger governments with the interest and will to aid the people.