National Press Club

  • South Korean Elections
    South Korean Elections

    December 10, 1987

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  • Brinkley Fourth Estate Award
    Brinkley Fourth Estate Award

    December 10, 1987

    The National Press Club presents its annual Fourth Estate Award to journalist David Brinkley.

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  • U.S.-Soviet Summit
    U.S.-Soviet Summit

    December 7, 1987

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  • Middle East Trip
    Middle East Trip

    December 2, 1987

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  • Reagan-Gorbachev Summit
    Reagan-Gorbachev Summit

    December 1, 1987

    The former New York Times editor and foreign corresondent delivered a speech titled "Looking at the Summit from Moscow and Peking." The speech occurred in the week preceding the Washington meeting of President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev.

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  • U.S.-Panamanian Relations
    U.S.-Panamanian Relations

    December 1, 1987

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  • Stock Market Regulation
    Stock Market Regulation

    November 23, 1987

    The chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission discusses the SEC agenda. Included are the need for regulatory changes in response to the October 1987 stock market crash; the role of SEC regulation if the Glass-Steagall Act is repealed or modified so that banks can engage in securities underwriting; internationalization…

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  • Birth Defects
    Birth Defects

    November 18, 1987

    The 1988 national chairwoman of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation announces the organization's health care initiatives during its 50th anniversary year.

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  • U.S.-Nicaragua Relations
    U.S.-Nicaragua Relations

    November 12, 1987

    The Nicaraguan president recalls a positive visit with President Carter in 1979 and expresses his desire to have talks with President Reagan.

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  • U.S.-Soviet Arms Control
    U.S.-Soviet Arms Control

    November 12, 1987

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