National Press Club

  • Mid-year Budget & Economic Review
    Mid-year Budget & Economic Review

    July 20, 1989

    The director of OMB discusses the budget for fiscal year 1990 beginning in October. In May Congress and the White House agreed on a budget resolution that would create a 100 billion dollar deficit. The budget meets Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction guidelines for the year.

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  • Upcoming NGA Meeting
    Upcoming NGA Meeting

    July 20, 1989

    The out-going chairman of the National Governors' Association discusses the association's upcoming meeting. The theme of Governor Baliles' term as chairman has been improving the U.S. trade position internationally.

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  • U.S.-Soviet Military Balance
    U.S.-Soviet Military Balance

    July 7, 1989

    Admiral Crowe discusses his recent tour of the Soviet Union to assess Soviet military capabilities. The trip was a response to the 1988 U.S. visit of the former Chief of Staff of the Soviet forces, Gen. Sergei Akhromeyev.

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  • Bilateral Issues & Trade
    Bilateral Issues & Trade

    June 26, 1989

    Mr. Hawke discusses the Export Enhancement Program and other trade issues. He also discusses events in China and Australia's military alliances.

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  • Effects of Political Issues on the Art World
    Effects of Political Issues on the Art World

    June 20, 1989

    The director of the National Art Gallery and chairman of the Commission of Fine Arts discusses the effects of political issues on the art world. Mr. Brown's appearance at the Press Club comes as controversy arose over public funding of controversial art works.

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  • American Industry: Resilient & Resolute
    American Industry: Resilient & Resolute

    June 9, 1989

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  • Recent NATO Meeting
    Recent NATO Meeting

    June 8, 1989

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  • Bush Administration Economic Policies
    Bush Administration Economic Policies

    June 6, 1989

    The new CEA chairman discusses the Bush administration's economic policies.

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  • Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards
    Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards

    June 5, 1989

    Mr. Hoffman is presented with the "Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency" and Mr. Halloran is presented with the "Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on National Defense". The former president then delivers a speech titled "Where Do We Go From Here? The Bush Administration…

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  • Current Arms Negotiations
    Current Arms Negotiations

    May 24, 1989

    The former senior arms control adviser to President Reagan assesses the Bush administration's progress in arms control.

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