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  • Review of First Year of Bush Administration
    Review of First Year of Bush Administration

    December 13, 1989

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  • Agricultural Trade Policies
    Agricultural Trade Policies

    December 12, 1989

    The sectretary discusses his recent trip to Poland and U.S. agricultral trade policies.

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  • The Press and a Divided Government
    The Press and a Divided Government

    December 6, 1989

    The House minority leader gave his perspective on the relationship between the Congress, the presidency, and the press. Michel called TV a presidential medium and said the press undercovers Congress. He said that more and better coverage of Congress would work in the Republicans' interest.

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  • Military Situation in El Salvador
    Military Situation in El Salvador

    December 1, 1989

    The Salvadoran officials discuss the status of El Salvador's continuing war with leftist guerrillas, emphasizing the role of Soviet support for the rebels that is channeled through Nicagagua and Cuba. The Soviet role in Central America is expected to be on the agenda at the Bush-Gobachev Malta summit conference beginning…

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  • U.S. Intelligence Policy
    U.S. Intelligence Policy

    November 29, 1989

    Director Webster's appearance comes two weeks after Congress passed an intelligence authorization bill that included provisions for an independent inspector general. Webster discusses the need for intelligence and the challenge of managing great amounts of intelligence information. Webster points to the intelligence agency's role in arms treaty compliance observation and…

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  • Business Investment in Poland
    Business Investment in Poland

    November 16, 1989

    Mr. Walesa's appearance comes the day after he addressed a joint meeting of Congress. Speaking through an interpreter, Walesa reiterates the central theme of his U.S. visit, that business investment from the West is needed to build an economic foundation for the new democracies in Poland and eastern Europe.

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  • Affordable Housing
    Affordable Housing

    November 15, 1989

    Sec. Kemp alludes to the tearing down of the Berlin wall in his speech supporting President Bush's HOPE program. The Home Ownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere program proposes low-income housing and grants for home ownership.

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  • Democracy and Human Rights in Philippines
    Democracy and Human Rights in Philippines

    November 10, 1989

    Mr. Manglapus refers to a bandwagon of democracy in Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. He discusses the Aquino government's efforts to deal with threats to democracy, without sacrificing human rights.

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  • The Choice for Estonia
    The Choice for Estonia

    November 7, 1989

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  • News Conference
    News Conference

    November 3, 1989

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