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  • Europe in Transition - A Norwegian View
    Europe in Transition - A Norwegian View

    February 23, 1990

    The prime minister is a member of Norway's Conservative Party. He discussed the changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Mr. Syse refers to the relationship of European countries within NATO and the European Community. Norway is a member of NATO but not of the European Community.

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  • Developments in Yugoslavia
    Developments in Yugoslavia

    February 21, 1990

    Vice President Pregl talked about the changes in Yugoslavia since the war. Topics included economic reforms, domestic and international markets, human rights, and political parties. He answered questions.

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  • Changes in Europe
    Changes in Europe

    February 20, 1990

    The Austrian leader discussed his county's economy, changes in Eastern Europe, and the role of European institutions in change. He also discussed Austria's application for membership in the European Community.

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  • The Struggle Against Apartheid
    The Struggle Against Apartheid

    February 14, 1990

    The speaker is an anti-apartheid activist who served jail terms in South Africa during the 1970s and 1980s. He discussed the changing situation in South Africa with the release of Nelson Mandela. South African President F.W. de Klerk announced reforms on February 2 that included the release of Mandela. Mr.…

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  • U.S.-Korea Trade Relations
    U.S.-Korea Trade Relations

    February 13, 1990

    The Korean minister of industry and trade was in Washington for an annual meeting with the U.S. Commerce secretary. He discussed trade and investment between the two countries. After his remarks he answered audience members' questions.

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  • Central American Peace Plan
    Central American Peace Plan

    February 2, 1990

    Mr. Cristiani's appearance came while he was in the United States to meet with United Nations General Secretary Javier Perez de Cuellar concerning the Central American presidents' peace plan. Cristiani also discussed the investigation into the murders of Jesuit priests in El Salvador in November 1989.

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  • Hungarian Transition
    Hungarian Transition

    January 31, 1990

    Mr. Antall's appearance came as an aid bill for the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, including Hungary, was being considered in the Senate.

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  • State of the Drug War
    State of the Drug War

    January 30, 1990

    Mr. Bennett's appearance came five days after President Bush had announced his national drug policy and two weeks prior to the president's anti-drug summit in Colombia. Bennett discussed the roles of federal and local government and the military in the war on drugs. After his remarks he answered audience members'…

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  • U.S.-Brazilian Relations
    U.S.-Brazilian Relations

    January 26, 1990

    Mr. Collor de Mello's remarks were translated into English. The new president of Brazil discussed the growth of democracy and the deepening economic crisis in Brazil during the 1980s. He discussed goals and challenges of his presidency, referring specifically to the large foreign debt and environmental issues.

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  • Legislative Agenda for the Second Session
    Legislative Agenda for the Second Session

    January 25, 1990

    The Senate majority leader discussed legislation to be considered in the congressional session that started on January 23. Among the items Sen. Mitchell mentioned were the Clean Air Act, child care legislation, a national service bill, the Educational Excellence Act, and campaign finance reform.

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