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  • U.S.-Mexico Relations
    U.S.-Mexico Relations

    October 4, 1989

    The appearance comes during the first-year Mexican president's visit to Washington for talks with President Bush. Mr. de Gortari discusses economic, political and social change in Mexico. He also discusses the beneficial effects of debt renegotiation.

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  • Developments in Argentina
    Developments in Argentina

    September 27, 1989

    President Menem discusses evolving Argentinian democracy and his country's financial problems, including extreme inflation caused by huge foreign debt. Menem's remarks are in Spanish with delayed translation.

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  • Proposals for Palestinian Elections
    Proposals for Palestinian Elections

    September 26, 1989

    Mr. Peres appears while in Washington to attend the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund. He proposes elections leading to a Palestinian representative to negotiate a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mr. Peres also discusses changes in the Soviet Union and the superiority of economic strength to military strength.

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  • Federal Budget Deficit
    Federal Budget Deficit

    September 21, 1989

    In a speech timed to coincide with congressional budget talks, Mr. Grace discusses the seriousness of the budget deficit and ways to decrease it. As the chairman of the President's Commission on Federal Cost Control during Ronald Reagan's first administration, Grace recommended 2,478 ways to reduce the deficit.

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  • Antarctica & Future of Global Environment
    Antarctica & Future of Global Environment

    September 20, 1989

    Mr. Cousteau discusses the role of Antarctica in the international environmental debate. During his visit to Washington, Cousteau met with congressional and executive branch officials in an attempt to get the U.S. to participate in an upcoming Paris conference on Antarctica.

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  • Issues Before United Nations
    Issues Before United Nations

    September 14, 1989

    The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations discusses changes in attitude towards the U.N. because of recent success in regional peacekeeping efforts and internal reform. Amb. Pickering also looks ahead to the 44th session of the General Assembly scheduled to begin September 25.

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  • National Drug Control Policy
    National Drug Control Policy

    September 6, 1989

    The head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy discusses his federal plan to battle drugs. The plan was unveiled on national television by President Bush the previous evening.

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  • Japan's Role in International Society
    Japan's Role in International Society

    September 1, 1989

    The recently elected prime minister discusses the relationship between Japan, the United States, and the world.

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  • U.S. Support of Israel
    U.S. Support of Israel

    August 7, 1989

    Mr. Maksoud discusses the kidnapping of Muslim cleric Sheik Obeid by Israel and accuses the Israelis of manipulating the hostage situation to influence U.S. opinion. Maksoud argues that the U.S. should rethink its support of Israel.

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  • National Energy Policy
    National Energy Policy

    August 1, 1989

    Admiral Watkins discusses plans to manage waste from nuclear energy and weapons production. The secretary's appearance comes the week following annoucement of the administration's national energy strategy.

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