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  • Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards
    Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards

    June 4, 1990

    The former president presented the third annual Gerald R. Ford Prizes for distinguished reporting. Gerald Seib, White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, received the Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency. Debra Lynn Polsky, special assignment reporter for Defense News, received the Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting…

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  • German Unification
    German Unification

    May 25, 1990

    Mr. Lambsdorff, former economics minister, spoke on the reunification of Germany and its effect on economics and NATO membership.

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  • Trade Issues
    Trade Issues

    May 24, 1990

    Ms. Hills discussed the administration's trade policy. She is President Bush's principal adviser on international trade policy and the nation's chief trade negotiator, representing U.S. interests in international trade organizations. She discussed U.S. goals in trade negotiations. Earlier in the day, President Bush had announced that the U.S. will renew…

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  • Perception and Belief
    Perception and Belief

    May 18, 1990

    The queen's husband discussed the moral dimensions of ecology and religion. Prince Philip was in Washington, DC to address the Festival of Creation, an environmental celebration. He is the international president of the World Wildlife Fund. The World Wildlife Fund is a non-profit, publicly supported organization that relies on individual…

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  • Budget Deficit
    Budget Deficit

    May 10, 1990

    Congressman Rostenkowski discussed his plan to eliminate the budget deficit in 5 years. The plan includes tax increases, deep defense cuts, and a one year freeze on domestic spending and Social Security cost of living increases. Mr. Rostenkowski is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which is the…

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  • Savings & Loan Situation
    Savings & Loan Situation

    May 9, 1990

    Mr. Keating discussed the national savings and loan situation and his involvement in the collapse of the California based Lincoln Savings and Loan. He also defended his management of the thrift. The Lincoln Savings and Loan is a part of the American Continental Corporation which filed for bankruptcy in April…

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  • Independence Movement in Lithuania
    Independence Movement in Lithuania

    May 4, 1990

    Ms. Prunskiene was recently elected prime minister of Lithuania in that country's first democratic election. She was on an official visit to the United States where she met with President Bush and other administration officials. Her comments focused on her impressions of the meetings with President Bush. In 1940 Josef…

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  • Third World Debt Problems
    Third World Debt Problems

    May 4, 1990

    Mr. Manley was on an official visit to the United States and met with Bush and other American officials. He addressed the problems of third world debt.

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  • Future of Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
    Future of Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

    May 3, 1990

    Mr. Wolfensohn became chairman of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on March 23, when the former chairman was asked to resign by the Board of Trustees. His prior experience as chairman of New York City's Carnegie Hall and other business experience led to his selection. He…

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  • The Press and Public Service
    The Press and Public Service

    May 2, 1990

    The panel of journalists and public servants explored the need for a return to the public service ethic. They reviewed the ways government officials and the press portray public service. The John F. Kennedy Library Symposium was part of a series on the press and public policy sponsored by the…

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