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  • Career Challenges in the Fine Arts
    Career Challenges in the Fine Arts

    June 21, 1990

    Ms. Carroll discussed the challenges of pursuing a career in the fine arts. She also discussed how difficult it is to play a character of the opposite sex. The comic actress is a veteran of "The Danny Thomas Show," "The Sid Caesar Hour," and the voice of the "squidwitch" in…

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  • U.S.-Thailand Relations
    U.S.-Thailand Relations

    June 15, 1990

    The prime minister discussed his country's desire to increase trade with the United States. He also discussed his wishes for the Cambodian peace process. He was in Washington, DC to meet with President Bush and congressional leaders. The United States is Thailand's second largest trading partner. Thailand also borders Cambodia…

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  • State of the U.S. Economy
    State of the U.S. Economy

    June 14, 1990

    Mr. Rohatyn assessed the health of the international and national economies. He also discussed the imminent budget summits and negotiations. Mr. Rohatyn was one of the main architects of New York City's massive financial bailout in the mid-1970s. He is an expert on corporate mergers and acquisitions.

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  • Status of Budget Talks
    Status of Budget Talks

    June 13, 1990

    Senator Gramm discussed the summit budget talks between Congress and the administration as well as the budget crisis facing the United States. He is the author of two controversial bills. The Gramm-Latta bill was enacted during the Reagan administration to make draconian spending cuts. The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act involved automatic budget…

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  • Changes in East Germany
    Changes in East Germany

    June 12, 1990

    The prime minister's remarks concerned the unification of Germany and what alliance a united Germany would belong to: NATO or the Warsaw Pact. The prime minster's visit was the first and probably the last visit to the White House by an East German prime minister. The Germans were scheduled to…

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  • U.S.-Greece Relations
    U.S.-Greece Relations

    June 8, 1990

    The prime minister's remarks included comments on his meeting this week with President Bush. His visit to the United States is the first visit by a Greek prime minister since 1964. His remarks are in Greek with translation.

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  • Middle East Issues
    Middle East Issues

    June 6, 1990

    Ambassador Maksoud addressed several issues, including the impact of Soviet Jewish immigration and the Arab summit resolutions.

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  • Iranian Politics and Economy
    Iranian Politics and Economy

    June 5, 1990

    Mr. Jafarzadeh discussed leadership in Iran, terrorism issues and the economic status of his nation. After his remarks he answered audience members' questions.

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  • Life in Washington
    Life in Washington

    June 5, 1990

    Mrs. Quayle talked about her two favorite causes: early detection of breast cancer and natural disaster preparedness. Her interest in these topics came from personal experience. Her mother's death from breast cancer in 1975 raised her awareness of the disease and her experiences in a 1963 disaster in Indianapolis led…

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  • Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards
    Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards

    June 4, 1990

    The former president presented the third annual Gerald R. Ford Prizes for distinguished reporting. Gerald Seib, White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, received the Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency. Debra Lynn Polsky, special assignment reporter for Defense News, received the Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting…

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