National Press Club

  • The Occupation of Kuwait
    The Occupation of Kuwait

    November 26, 1990

    Shaikh Ali Khalifa Al-Sabah is one of the exiled leaders of Kuwait, a country which is currently occupied by Iraq. He spoke on the occupation and his continuing management of Kuwait's world financial affairs.

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  • Life of a Participatory Journalist
    Life of a Participatory Journalist

    November 21, 1990

    Mr. Plimpton, now editor of The Paris Review, addressed the audience on his experiences as a journalist who writes from first hand experiences.

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  • Situation in Nicaragua
    Situation in Nicaragua

    November 21, 1990

    Mr. Leal discussed current events in Nicaragua and the results of the meeting of the Partnership for Democracy in the Development of Central America.

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  • Economic and Budgetary Issues
    Economic and Budgetary Issues

    November 19, 1990

    Mr. Boskin discussed the recent budget package passed by Congress and the current events in the world in relation to the economy.

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  • Future of Fox Broadcasting
    Future of Fox Broadcasting

    November 16, 1990

    Mr. Kellner discussed the emergence of Fox Television in the commercial television market over the past four years. Fox is a division of Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox corporation.

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  • Tyrannical Machines: U.S. Education System
    Tyrannical Machines: U.S. Education System

    November 14, 1990

    Ms. Cheney described a new book that was just released: Tyrannical Machines: A Report on Education Practices Gone Wrong and our Best Hope for Setting Them Right. The book examines the most critical problems in American education and focuses on the most promising opportunities for reform.

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  • Royko Fourth Estate Award
    Royko Fourth Estate Award

    November 8, 1990

    Columnist Mike Royko was honored at the Fourth Estate Awards Dinner as this year's winner.

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  • Republican and Democratic National Chairmen
    Republican and Democratic National Chairmen

    November 7, 1990

    Mr. Brown and Mr. Black spoke at the National Press Club about yesterday's elections and what the results mean for each party.

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  • North and South Korean Relations
    North and South Korean Relations

    November 7, 1990

    Dr. Lee spoke on the current relations of North and South Korea and the hopes of change in uniting the Koreas.

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  • National Symphony Orchestra
    National Symphony Orchestra

    November 6, 1990

    Mr. Rostropovich answered audience questions about his perceptions of music and why he believes music to be a vital part of national culture. He explained the need for money to support the orchestra and how more funds will be needed to support the arts in the Soviet Union due to…

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