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  • Military Strategy in the Middle East
    Military Strategy in the Middle East

    November 1, 1990

    Director Graham's address focused on the inability of the United States to defend itself against the rapid proliferation of long-range ballistic missiles. Discussing their past use in World War II and their current development and production in third-world countries such as Iraq, Mr. Graham pointed out that the threat of…

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  • Great Books of the Western World
    Great Books of the Western World

    October 30, 1990

    Philosopher Mortimer Adler talked about the history and significance of the Great Books of the Western World college courses and adult education programs. He said that in 1921 John Erskine introduced the first Great Books course at Columbia University. Later Professor Adler introduced the Great Books to University of Chicago…

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  • The Making of The Civil War
    The Making of The Civil War

    October 29, 1990

    Mr. Burns described the five year project of making the television program, The Civil War. Broadcast during five evenings in October, 1990, twenty hours in all, it had the largest audience of any PBS program ever telecast.

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  • Changes in Soviet Armed Forces
    Changes in Soviet Armed Forces

    October 11, 1990

    Major Lopatin, a leader of the military reform movement in Moscow, spoke about changes in the Soviet armed services. He is a member of the Soviet Congress of People's Deputies. He recently resigned from the Soviet Communist Party.

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  • Events in Angola
    Events in Angola

    October 4, 1990

    Jonas Savimbi discussed recent events in Angola. On Tuesday, Savimbi met with Pres. Bush to discuss U.S. aid for his forces in Angola where war has been raging for more than a decade.

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  • Presidential Privacy
    Presidential Privacy

    October 3, 1990

    David Eisenhower is the grandson of the late former president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1986 Mr. Eisenhower published a chronicle of his grandfather's wartime policies and activities from 1943 to 1945. He is now working on two more books about President Eisenhower. In his speech, David Eisenhower described the differences…

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  • Public Broadcasting
    Public Broadcasting

    October 2, 1990

    Ms. Rockefeller spoke on "Public Broadcasting: Report from the Field." She was appointed president and CEO of WETA in October, 1989. WETA-TV in Washington, DC broadcasts such programs as the "MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour" and has the third largest public radio audience in the U.S. Ms. Rockefeller is the daughter of…

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  • Environmental Issues
    Environmental Issues

    October 1, 1990

    Mr. Redford offered remarks on global environmental changes, national politics, and his Sundance Institute. Mr. Redford also responded to questions submitted by audience members.

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  • The War Against the Drug Cartels
    The War Against the Drug Cartels

    September 28, 1990

    President Gaviria, elected to office August 7, discusses drug trafficking problems in his country.

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  • Philippines Finance Minister
    Philippines Finance Minister

    September 28, 1990

    Philippines Finance Minister and Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Philippines Assistance Program, Jesus Estanislao, spoke on his country's economic challenges and prospects of the 1990's. Although the events and rhetoric surrounding the Philippines often appear problematic, he said that there has been significant progress toward economic recovery. "Inflation…

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