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  • Issues Facing the 102nd Congress
    Issues Facing the 102nd Congress

    February 7, 1991

    Speaker Foley said that he felt the 102nd Congress will be a very important session because of the Persian Gulf war and the subsequent post-war recovery. He explained that the congress did fully debate the decision to give the President full authority to conduct the war. Speaker Foley described the…

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  • Nicaraguan Political Situation
    Nicaraguan Political Situation

    February 7, 1991

    Mr. Lacayo, Minister of the Presidency in Nicaragua, discussed the economic outlook, military forces, and other aspects of Nicaragua's political situation and the development of democracy in Central America. Mr. De Franco, the Minister of Economy and Development, discusses inflation and other economic topics in Nicaragua. The two men were…

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  • Nicaragua Issues
    Nicaragua Issues

    February 7, 1991

    Mr. Lacayo discussed governmental policy changes in Nicaragua, including distribution of land to the 20,000 contra rebels; a reduction in the size of the army and a reorientation of the politics of the soldiers; new privatization of industry through "golden parachute" incentives; and, appeals to the international community for financing,…

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  • Alaska's Contribution to U.S. Energy Needs
    Alaska's Contribution to U.S. Energy Needs

    February 5, 1991

    Gov. Hickel discussed his state's contribution to the nation's energy needs, including the natural gas line. He said he is concerned about providing safe and secure energy resources that contribute positively to the whole quality of life picture for citizens and the environment. He served as Secretary of the Interior…

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  • Smarter Government for Florida and the Nation
    Smarter Government for Florida and the Nation

    February 1, 1991

    Newly-elected Governor Chiles discussed the major budget cuts recently made in his state, due to Florida's legislative requirement for a balanced budget. His major focus was on what the nation should be doing for children, and how to pay for such programs. Governor Chiles is chair of the national Committee…

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  • Persian Gulf War
    Persian Gulf War

    January 24, 1991

    Rep. Hamilton discussed long-term foreign policy goals for the Middle East in the context of the war with Iraq. Issues he considered included America's expanding war objectives, the need for post-war security arrangements, the possibility of a Middle East peace conference, and the plight of Palestinians in the West Bank.…

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  • Israeli Ambassador Address
    Israeli Ambassador Address

    January 24, 1991

    Israel Ambassador to the U.S. Shoval discussed the developments in the Middle East and considered the options available to Israel, given the possibility of future Iraqi use of chemical warfare or continued missile attacks.

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  • Transportation Issues
    Transportation Issues

    January 23, 1991

    Department of Transportation Secretary Skinner discussed the effect of rising fuel costs, resulting from the Persian Gulf conflict, on the transportation industry, and he highlighted past and future issues pertaining to the deregulation of the airline industry.

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  • Desert Storm
    Desert Storm

    January 17, 1991

    Sen. Lugar discussed overnight developments in the Persian Gulf, reflected back on events of the Reagan and Bush presidencies, and responded to questions concerning his vision of post-war foreign relations between the U.S., Iraq, and Kuwait.

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  • The Brave New World of Public Policy
    The Brave New World of Public Policy

    January 13, 1991

    Richard D. Lamm, Director of the University of Denver's Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues, spoke on "The Brave New World of Public Policy." He sees the economy of the 1990's as being one that cannot support the dreams of the 1960's. Mr. Lamm's basic premise is that too…

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