National Press Club

  • Author's Rap Session
    Author's Rap Session

    May 28, 1991

    Ms. Kelley was the guest at the National Press Club's Authors' Rap Session, one of the final stops on her publicity tour for her book, Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography. The scathing account of Nancy Reagan's life, which mentions drug use by the Reagans in California and a long-standing affair…

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  • Peace Negotiations in Cyprus
    Peace Negotiations in Cyprus

    May 28, 1991

    President Vassilou, president of Cyprus, spoke on the reunification of Cyprus at a luncheon of the National Press Club. Cyprus, separated into Greek and Turkish sectors since a Turkish invasion was launched in 1974 to protect Turks on Cyprus from the Greek government, has been seeking diplomatic means to end…

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  • George McGovern's Views
    George McGovern's Views

    May 23, 1991

    George McGovern talked about the current state of American politics and the Democratic Party. In doing so, he announced he would not seek the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination, due to personal and political reasons. He stated he could best advance his political agenda without the distraction of personal ambition. Mr.…

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  • U.N. Human Development Report 1991
    U.N. Human Development Report 1991

    May 22, 1991

    Mr. Draper discussed the recently released human development report from the United Nations Development Program on economic and social development in Third World countries. The report measured social progress in poor countries by economic and social criteria, including life expectancy and education. Mr. Draper reported on conditions in Africa, where…

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  • Reports on African Famine
    Reports on African Famine

    May 20, 1991

    Experts on African development, recently returned from tours of the famine ravaged countries Ethiopia, the Sudan and Somalia, reported on conditions in Africa at a news conference sponsored by the relief organization Bread for the World. They discussed the threat of starvation affecting millions in the horn of Africa, and…

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  • Future of Democracy in Yugoslavia
    Future of Democracy in Yugoslavia

    May 15, 1991

    Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, resident of Great Britain, successful businessman and former British soldier, addressed the National Press Club on changes in the political and social structure of Yugoslavia. Alexander's father fled Yugoslavia during the Nazi invasion in World War II, and Great Britain formally declared the British birthplace…

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  • Situation in the Baltic States
    Situation in the Baltic States

    May 8, 1991

    Members of the foreign legislatures of several Eastern European states answered questions from reporters on the current situation in the Baltic states in the National Press Club. The diplomats were in the United States to attend a trade and economics seminar sponsored by the Geonomics Institute. Earlier in the day,…

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  • President of Finland
    President of Finland

    May 8, 1991

    President Koivisto gave brief remarks and answered reporters' questions concerning Finland at the National Press Club. He met with President Bush earlier in the day to discuss U.S.-Finland relations, which he indicated were "mighty fine". He advocated expanded economic relations between the U.S. and Finland, and supported the U.S.' stance…

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  • British Broadcasting Corporation in the 1990s
    British Broadcasting Corporation in the 1990s

    May 7, 1991

    Mr. Checkland, head of the British Broadcasting Company, spoke on his experiences in running the television network since he began four years ago. He said television broadcasting differs in intent in the U.S. and Britain in that American television attempts to attract viewers to the advertisements through entertainment whereas the…

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  • My Turn To Speak
    My Turn To Speak

    May 7, 1991

    Brassey's U.S., Inc., a public affairs/public policy publishing company, sponsored a news conference by Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr to publicize the publication of his book, My Turn To Speak: Iran, the Revolution, and Secret Deals with the U.S.. President Bani-Sadr, who had been president of Iran following the Iranian revolution, gave…

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