National Press Club

  • Gubernatorial Address
    Gubernatorial Address

    December 17, 1990

    Governor Cuomo spoke on the structural flaws in the American economy which have led to the national recession, with all of its associated maladies, including a devastated educational system, a deteriorating infrastructure, overcrowded prisons, rampant drug addiction, and overwhelming environmental pollution. He blamed eight years of regressive tax policy and…

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  • GATT Talks
    GATT Talks

    December 14, 1990

    The National Press Club Professional Affairs Committee discussed why the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs talks fell apart the previous week in Brussels.

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  • View of the Bush Administration
    View of the Bush Administration

    December 11, 1990

    Mr. Sununu criticized Democrats for using the Persian Gulf crisis as an excuse to raise taxes. Senate and House budget committees are chaired by Democrats who have said that an income surtax is possible if the U.S. enters a war with Iraq. Regarding President Bush's change of mind on raising…

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  • U.S.-Soviet Relations
    U.S.-Soviet Relations

    December 7, 1990

    Gennadi Gerasimov, head of the Soviet Foreign Ministry's Information Directorate, spoke about U.S.-Soviet relations, recent political events in eastern Europe and tensions in the Persian Gulf. Mr. Gerasimov was in Washington this week to receive the 1990 Communicator of the Year Award from the National Association of Government Communicators.

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  • Facing the Issues
    Facing the Issues

    December 6, 1990

    Mr. Perot described the views of the ordinary citizen on the U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf and a variety of other issues. Mr. Perot, real-estate, computer, and gas and oil magnate, expressed the need for financial and health security for the average American, and vilified American political greed as…

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  • Controlling Federal Waste
    Controlling Federal Waste

    November 29, 1990

    Mr. Grace discussed the continued need for decreasing wasteful government spending.

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  • Visiting Saddam Hussein
    Visiting Saddam Hussein

    November 28, 1990

    Mr. Jennings described his recent trip to Iraq and his interview with Saddam Hussein.

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  • Talking America
    Talking America

    November 27, 1990

    Mr. Moyers talked about public television and its role in public policy discourse. A journalist and former news analyst, he is best known for his documentaries and interviews on public television.

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  • The Occupation of Kuwait
    The Occupation of Kuwait

    November 26, 1990

    Shaikh Ali Khalifa Al-Sabah is one of the exiled leaders of Kuwait, a country which is currently occupied by Iraq. He spoke on the occupation and his continuing management of Kuwait's world financial affairs.

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  • Life of a Participatory Journalist
    Life of a Participatory Journalist

    November 21, 1990

    Mr. Plimpton, now editor of The Paris Review, addressed the audience on his experiences as a journalist who writes from first hand experiences.

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