National Press Club

  • Recession and the Art of Befuddlement
    Recession and the Art of Befuddlement

    October 16, 1991

    Professor Galbraith was an economics professor at Harvard University from 1934 to 1975, at times leaving academics to work in the federal government. He was an adviser to President John F. Kennedy, and served as ambassador to India in the early 1960s. He has also written a number of widely-read…

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  • The Future of Costa Rica
    The Future of Costa Rica

    October 11, 1991

    President Calderon talked about economic relations between the United States and Central America. He discussed the revolution of democracy in Latin America. He talked about the problem of poverty and underdevelopment in Central America. He also talked about the North American free trade area.

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  • Events in the Soviet Union
    Events in the Soviet Union

    October 10, 1991

    The guest speakers discussed the latest events in the Soviet Union and the impact these events will have on the country as it seeks to improve its economic situation.

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  • President of Iceland
    President of Iceland

    October 8, 1991

    President Finnbogadottir of Iceland addressed a luncheon of the National Press Club on matters relating to his native country, Iceland. He discussed U.S.-Iceland history and relations, Icelandic legend and traditions, and the current political and economic state of Iceland.

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  • A Publisher's Perspective
    A Publisher's Perspective

    October 7, 1991

    Mr. Black provided a publisher's perspective on the process by which newspapers are created and presented to the readers.

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  • The Vast Wasteland
    The Vast Wasteland

    October 2, 1991

    Mr. Minow, a former FCC Chairman, talked about the growth of public television. He gave a brief history of public broadcasting. In particular, he talked about WETA in Washington on the station's 20th anniversary. He also talked about how the "vast wasteland" of television, a term which he coined 20…

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  • The Democratic Party
    The Democratic Party

    September 30, 1991

    Senator Mikulski gave a speech about the Democratic party, its goals and beliefs, and its role in politics. She spoke about the upcoming presidential race and the current political mood in the country. She also described what it was like to be the only Democratic female senator.

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  • Ukranian Supreme Soviet
    Ukranian Supreme Soviet

    September 26, 1991

    Mr. Kravchuk talked about the future of the Ukraine as an independent state. He gave a brief history of the Ukraine and talked about the Ukrainian people. On December 1, 1990 the Ukraine will hold a referendum for complete independence.

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  • Politics in the Classroom
    Politics in the Classroom

    September 25, 1991

    Ms. Cheney talked about her work at the National Endowment for the Humanities. She also talked about the problem of university professors using the classroom as a forum to present their political views.

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  • Recycling and the Environment
    Recycling and the Environment

    September 23, 1991

    Ms. Scarlett is author of a recent report entitled A Consumer's Guide to Environmental Myths and Reality, published by the National Center for Policy Analysis, which charges that some recycling efforts can damage the environment. She discussed the economic impact of recycling and how biodegradable products can be more environmentally…

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